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Working 12 Hours for Four Dollars

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Debbie White - 700 Club Producer

There’s a saying: “Sewing mends the soul.”

Zhypzrkul of Kyrgyzstan knows that well. She loves to sew.

But since her husband died years ago, Zhypzrkul struggles to support her three children on her salary as a seamstress. She works 12 long hours a day in a sewing shop and earns only four dollars a day.

Zhypzrkul says, “I work from 8 a.m. ‘till 8 p.m., and I feel sad that I don’t have the ability to take care of my children, to take them to the doctor when they need it and just to be with them. My daughter even didn’t go to school for several days because she had no trousers to wear. But I can’t change anything as I have no other job. “

Saikal, Zhyparkul’s daughter, says she loves her mother very much. She says, “My mother is very kind and does her best to provide for her children, but it is very difficult.”

With the support of her children and her firm Christian faith, Zhyparkul refuses to give up. She prays that God will increase her salary by giving her a sewing machine.

Zhyparkul says, “I asked God to have mercy on us. I want to have prosperity for me and my children and I also dream to help others.”

CBN’s Orphan’s Promise heard about the dream of this humble seamstress. We decided to make her dream come true.  We not only provided Zhyparkul with a brand new sewing machine. We also gave her a special attachment that performs professional, decorative stitches. Gone are the 12-hour days in a hot factory.

Zhyparkul now runs her own prosperous business from home.  Her income is more than enough to support her family. She says, “I can sew at home and stay with my children thanks to you. I sew blankets and clothes and earn three times more than I did before.”

Her children are very grateful to have their mother at home. Her daughter Saikal says, “You changed our lives; I thank you and wish you to be always be filled with joy.”

Zhyparkul sends her thanks too. She says, “I can’t even express how happy I am and how much I rejoice inside. Thank you!”

Did you know?

CBN is reaching out to orphans and vulnerable children and meeting their physical, educational and spiritual needs. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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