The CBN News Daily Rundown


It's a new week in Washington, which means new drama. Democrats are threatening potential indictments and possibly even impeachment of the president. This comes after New York prosecutors alleged that Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, made undisclosed payments to two of, then-candidate Trump's, former mistresses in exchange for their silence during the campaign. According to a sentencing memo, that was all done in coordination with Trump. Chief political correspondent David Brody is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown to talk about just how bad this really is for the president. 


Some new faces will soon be joining the Trump administration. The president announced two big nominations on Friday; Heather Nauert was tapped to be the next Ambassador to the UN and William Barr for Attorney General. Chief Political Correspondent David Brody is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown with what we know about each of Trumps picks. 


The current economic status of the US has a lot of seasoned analysts scratching their heads. We've seen surges in job growth and wage gain month after month but there's still growing buzz about a recession and the stock market has been going through seemingly manic spikes and dives. Financial editor Drew Parkhill is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown to explain some of the economic indicators we've seen over the last several months.


A number of Jewish American property owners in Israel have filed a civil rights lawsuit against internet hospitality giant Airbnb. They say a new policy specifically discriminates against them because of their religion. Jerusalem correspondent Julie Stahl has been covering this story and she's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


President George Herbert Walker Bush died Friday night at his home in Houston, TX. The 41st Commander and chief left his mark on nearly every area of government; serving as president, vice president, ambassador, CIA Director and a member of Congress. Senior International Correspondent Gary Lane was working on Pat Robertson's presidential campaign when he ran against George H.W. Bush and later covered aspects of his presidency from our D.C. bureau. Gary is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


Nancy Pelosi is one step closer to becoming Speaker of the House after winning her party's nomination on Wednesday, but she's still got a showdown ahead. There's a vocal group of Democratic critics who have vowed to defeat her during a floor vote in January. Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson has been monitoring this story and she's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


It could be now or never for criminal justice reform legislation. There aren't many legislative days left in 2018, but a bipartisan group of lawmakers says they've never been closer to sending a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill to the president. Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson talked to several of the Senators behind the legislation. She's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 


Missionary John Chau was reportedly killed last week attempting to reach an isolated people group on a remote Indian Island. Authorities believe it was members of that very trie that killed him. Reporter Heather Sells recently spoke with the missions group Chau worked with. They said there were a few details being circulated by the media that they wanted to set the record straight on. Heather is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


Genetics has long been thought to determine who you are; the color of your hair, how long you'll live, the diseases you'll get. Research now proves that's not the case. It's called  Epigenetics Research and one of the key discoveries is that you can actually turn on and off your genes. Health reporter Lorie Johnson has been working on a series about the findings of this research and she's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


Confrontation at the US border. Hundreds of migrants attempted to illegally force their way into the US on Sunday, forcing border patrol agents to fire tear gas into the crowd. President Trump temporarily closed that border crossing, one of the busiest in the country, until agents could get it under control. The Trump administration has encouraged migrants to enter the border legally at one of the designated crossing points where they can claim asylum. CBN News correspondent Chuck Holton was recently at one of those crossings in El Paso, Texas. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.