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Ex-Abortion Clinic Workers Reveal What It's Really Like Inside the Abortion Industry


Hundreds of thousands of women get abortions each year in the United States. Now, the workers who helped make those abortions possible are doing everything they can to shut the industry down.

Four ex-abortion clinic workers exposed the secrets of the industry at an event Monday night hosted by the pro-life organization, "And Then There Were None" (ATTWN).

ATTWN helps abortion workers leave their jobs and share their experiences in the industry.

The first issue the four women addressed during the event is the claim that abortions are about women's rights and empowerment.

"Planned Parenthood is very aggressive," said Monica Leal Cline, a former manager at Planned Parenthood. "They are a sales team. They want to make money and they want as many customers as possible."

"The abortion industry has goals for every procedure and product that they sell," added Sue Thayer, who is also a former Manager at Planned Parenthood.

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According to these women, the abortion industry is more concerned with raking in cash than actually empowering women. As a result, clinics hardly discuss alternatives to abortion with their patients.

Shelley Guillory, a former Registered Nurse at Delta Clinic and Women's Health, says pregnant mothers were often scheduled for abortions before they even had a chance to hear about other options.

"If someone called our clinic and said they needed a pregnancy test, it didn't matter what time of the evening, what time of the day it was, someone went into that clinic and gave her that pregnancy test," Guillory explained. "If that pregnancy test was positive the following morning she was scheduled to come in for counseling. We didn't tell her we were sending her in to get an abortion."

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"They're not interested in other alternatives. They have one agenda and one agenda only and that is to end a pregnancy," she added.

The women also explained how abortion clinics rarely get parents involved when their young daughters come in seeking an abortion.

"Parental involvement in Planned Parenthood is one pamphlet in the lobby that says 'Parental Involvement," Cline said. "They would tell me themselves, 'parents are a barrier to service. We don't want parents involved.'"

When parents did get involved, many clinics try to rush their consultation session or just leave information out altogether

"We never gave the parents or the patients any time to read the forms," said Annette Lancaster, another former Manager at Planned Parenthood.

These four women aren't the first to tell their stories of their time in the abortion industry and they won't be the last.

They are just a few of the nearly 400 abortion clinic workers ATTWN has helped leave the industry. The organization is working hard to bring at least 50 more women out of the field before the end of the year.  

While ATTWN recognizes the value other organizations have in keeping pregnant women away from the abortion industry, they believe ending abortion truly starts with the workers.

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