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Faith-Based Production Company Launches Digital Streaming Platform to Provide Emotional Help During Pandemic

Image Source: KingdomWorks Studios/Soul Refiner
Image Source: KingdomWorks Studios/Soul Refiner

The faith-based production company KingdomWorks Studios has launched "Soul Refiner," the first digital streaming platform offering people and religious organizations detailed classes on mental health and well-being.

The global pandemic has negatively impacted millions of people, leading to emotional stress and suffering. 

Recent surveys and studies regarding COVID-19 revealed that the outbreak could have a tremendous impact on the mental health of both men and women. Research suggests that people are struggling with coping mechanisms during the outbreak, which could lead to higher divorce cases, higher calls to suicide hotlines, as well as more users visiting pornography websites. 

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Soul Refiner Co-Founder and CEO Jeremy Wiles said Christians are among those who are silently suffering. 

"We hear from church leaders every day," he said. "This sudden extraordinary change in circumstances has left them feeling ill-equipped to handle the massive emotional and mental turmoil. We now have a great tool to help them navigate through these unprecedented times with Soul Refiner."

Soul Refiner is a digital streaming platform that offers healing and restoration to lives with Bible-based tools and strategies.   

"We're going to see a tsunami of long-term emotional trauma from the crisis," says Soul Refiner Co-Founder and Chief Creative Writer Tiana Wiles. "Our goal at Soul Refiner is to equip people with a strategy and a process to heal from whatever life throws at them." 

The platform allows users to stream videos from their devices anywhere, anytime. Also, the series comes with an interactive study guide and an online journal.

"Soul Refiner is more than just a streaming platform, it's Early Church discipleship in the digital age," said Jeremy Wiles.  

Wiles and his team at KingdomWorks Studios also created The Conquer Series, a DVD study and assistance course designed to help those suffering from porn addiction. It targets sexual purity by instructing viewers on how to renew their minds and break destructive patterns.

To find out more about Soul Refiner, click here.

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