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100 Days a Captive of ISIS: How This Filipino Priest Found Freedom


How did Father Chito escape captivity and what should Christians pray for the people of the Philippines? Watch Gary Lane's interview with reporter Lucille Talusan.

Last May, ISIS-affiliated terrorists kidnapped a Catholic priest and 100 worshippers attending services at a cathedral in Marwai City. Some of the abducted Christians were killed while others were forced to join the Maute terror group.

Female captives were reportedly raped, converted to Islam, and forcibly married to some of the Islamic militants.

The priest, Father Chito, survived more than 100 days in captivity and escaped this past weekend when Philippine government troops overran a mosque the Maute terrorists had used as a headquarters.

Reporting from Manila, CBN News Asia Correspondent Lucille Talusan explains the government's war against the ISIS affiliated Maute group is nearing an end. 

CBN Humanitarian and Disaster Relief has helped some of the 200,000 Flipinos displaced by the fighting in the Marawi area and Talusan says once the war ends and people start returning home, CBN will provide more recovery assistance to the people of Mindanao.


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