Boy Lost in ISIS Mayhem: 'Papa, Mama Come Get Me!'

Boy Lost in ISIS Mayhem: 'Papa, Mama Come Get Me!'


During the mayhem and confusion of evacuating from ISIS fighting in Mindanao's Marawi City, one 12-year-old boy was found in a daze, wandering alone in the streets. Our Asia Correspondent Lucile Talusan found young Jamael and heard him tell his heart wrenching story.

Like most Muslim children, Jamael accompanied his family to the market in Marawi City to purchase some items for Ramadan. When fighting between ISIS-affiliated fighters and Philippine government troops raged nearby, shoppers and other civilians scattered.

As 200,000 people evacuated the city, young Jamael became separated from his parents.

A Good Samaritan found him and took him to a safe place.

Watch the short video above to see what he told Lucille Talsuan to tell his parents.

Let's pray for Jamael and trust that God will reunite him with his family!

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