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Compassion is the desire to ease the suffering and pain of others. Jesus shows compassion by healing, kindness, and dying for those he loves. 

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Bible Teachings on Compassion

Look through these 18 love verses of scripture to find the best Bible verses about love.

How long do we get to mourn? Depends on who you ask.

Many psychologists like to talk about -- and try to get rid of -- patients' guilt feelings. They seem to assume that the feeling is the problem. If...

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome -- AIDS -- is the leading cause of death among Americans under age 44. First discovered in the U.S. in 1981, there...

Questions about Compassion

Intercession is prayer that pleads with God for your needs and the needs of others. But it is also much more than that. Intercession involves taking...

There will always be people who love their fellow man, people of good will who want to live in peace.

I believe it is entirely proper for a person to will selected organs, such as the cornea of the eyes, to a donor organ bank for use in organ...

An evil exists that we all too easily become part of when we plant seeds of hatred, greed, and judgment. It happens quite unconsciously.

Loving other people doesn't mean being "in love" with everyone. "Warm-fuzzy" love is easy -- until the emotion starts to fade, that is. But the human...

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Devotions about Compassion

Every time I ventured out to feed my little herd of kitties, I’d get ambushed by a mob of bellowing hungry balls of fur. 

Our God knows how to use hardship and suffering — even injustice and cruelty — for His purposes and His glory.

The vapor-like life we lead has substance when we view it through the eyes of eternity.

Never feel that what you have to contribute is too small, not enough, insignificant. 

 “Why has God done this to me?” was this woman's question from her hospital bed. 

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Videos about Compassion

Nita and Rico did their best to provide for their grandson but struggled to give him enough to eat. Then they heard of a program with Orphan’s...

In Norfolk, VA, more than 70% of children in the public school system rely on free meals during the school year. During the summer, it’s all up to...

Author Van Moody talks about how God pursues people. He also shares ways you can help others break the poverty cycle.

Nisha’s family lost everything in a monsoon. Without any way to support themselves, a Disaster Relief team came and changed their outlook.

Captain Ron Johnson discusses how he reached out to people during the Ferguson riots after Michael Brown's death.

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Articles on Compassion

Chava is 94 and lives in Israel. As the only member of her family who survived the Nazi death camp, she tells her painful story. She gives thanks for...

Miguel always fought with his mom—over food, chores, everything. Mom’s patience had long run out. Then, to her amazement, Miguel got invited to a...

meme turn your world upside down

Start a Servolution!

When we love, we serve. When we serve, we love. They go hand in hand.

Yi loves to dance and be the center of attention, but when other kids saw her face they were horrified. Yi’s cleft lip and palate brought...


It’s Time to Get Your Serve On!

When you start by serving God, wanting to serve others soon follows.

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