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Fatherhood is celebrated Father's Day, June 18, 2017. Godly fathers provide a glimpse of God's relationship to us - protection, provision, love, and discipline.

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Devotions about Fatherhood

“Abba” is Hebrew for Papa and it's the first word that a little Hebrew boy or girl says. It's a wonderful, affectionate name for God.

My eleven-day old son was shrieking in pain. His little body was locked up, and tears were flowing down the sides of his face. My boy needed me and I...

I grew up thinking my father was the coolest guy around. Being in the insurance business, he never met a stranger. 

Invited to Buckingham Palace for a private dinner with the Queen - would you turn it down?

Sometimes crises come one atop the other and it feels like more than we can handle. Thankfully, we don't have to navigate life's challenges alone....

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Videos about Fatherhood

David Vincent’s life of crime began when he stole and shoplifted as a child. He soon got into drugs to escape the pain of his life choices, putting...

Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano loves his job and the opportunity it gives him to share the gospel, but he knows that one of his most important...

Three fathers discuss what’s important about being a man, a husband and a father.

The Fox and Friends co-host talks with Tim Branson about the book and being a father.

The makers of "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof" are preparing to release what they hope will be their next box-office hit.

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Articles on Fatherhood

Daugther with dad

How Dad Is a Reflection on You

Working with hundreds of couples over the years, the pattern is clear — we take on the traits of our parents.

God looks at a person’s heart. He looked at Abraham’s heart and saw faith.

Some of the most precious moments of my life involve just a bat, a ball, a glove, and my father.

Adult daughter with father

What Gift Did Your Father Give You?

All dads have their issues and certainly aren’t perfect. But this Father’s Day, as you honor your dad with a special gift, a dinner out or a new tie...

Oftentimes, boys grow up learning a distorted view of masculinity. So let's set it right by looking at these myths of masculinity.

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