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Sex and Marriage

Sex and marriage go hand-in-hand as God reserved sexual activity and sexual intimacy for a man and woman who are married.

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Bible Teachings on Sex and Marriage

What does the Bible say about Sex in Marriage? The Bible encourages sexual intimacy between a husband and wife.

One thing the world seems pretty certain about: Christianity is a killjoy, anti-sex religion. But this is a lie. Nothing in the Bible says that sex...

Questions about Sex and Marriage

The apostle Paul, writing to the church at Ephesus, laid down some very good guidelines for husbands and wives. To the men he said, "Husbands, love...

Casual sex outside marriage not only imperils marriage but also destroys the paternal or maternal feeling for the children of the marriage, and blurs...

God made men and women sexual beings. He made our nervous systems capable of receiving pleasure from the sex act. Sex in marriage is good and holy...

Devotions about Sex and Marriage

There is a heaviness and darkness that seems to accompany pursuing 'fun' outside the Lord’s territory. 

Over the last fifty years or so, thanks to an increasingly amoral entertainment industry, love has become synonymous with sex. Sad to say, most...

Videos about Sex and Marriage

NYT Best-Selling author and psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman discusses keys to a healthy marriage and how to improve it in five days.

Articles on Sex and Marriage

Clinical psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery addresses the connection between sexuality and spirituality and what to do if you've experienced brokenness.

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