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Devotions on Purpose

If we only post things on social media to see what others think of us, then we're in trouble.

There is nothing common or ordinary about a completely surrendered heart. When we place ourselves in the Master’s hands, the possibilities are...

As you go throughout your day, pray that God will put His words into your mouth.

The cross wasn't going to be easy, and God didn't want His Son to lose heart, so He sent these messengers.

Regardless of age or how a person looks, God gifted everyone with the talents and ability to bear good fruit for as long as we live.

The question is, will we trust our Heavenly Father even when we don’t understand the adversity or challenging circumstances we face?

Jesus didn’t ask the blind man, “Why do you want to see?” Instead, He asked what He could do to serve.

I could not figure out why God would allow bad things to happen to his children. 

Joseph was in what seemed an impossible situation. Despite all that, the Bible says the Lord was with him.

I can know the Bible backward and forward, but if I don't tell someone about Jesus, or better yet, show them, what good is it?


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