The Amherst, New York Police Department has announced an arrest has been made in the vandalism of a pro-life pregnancy center's sign in Buffalo, New York. 


Social Security is going broke, and many younger Americans wonder if it will be available when they retire. So, what can be done to save it for current retirees and future generations?

Capitol Hill Republicans are sounding the alarm and insist change is not only long overdue but necessary. 

"Just to look at the next 10-year window, for the first time three trust funds go insolvent. The Highway Trust Fund, Medicare, and Social Security," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently explained. "So, if nothing happens, they are in debt."


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is now considering a major religious discrimination case involving a fire chief who was dismissed after attending a leadership conference held at a church. 


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has gone on the record for the first time, publicly endorsing a bill to expand state vouchers for private school or homeschooling. 


As the nation continues to process the horror that unfolded Monday morning at The Covenant School, a Christian elementary academy in Nashville, Tennessee, heartbreaking new details continue to emerge.

Authorities investigate a home possibly connected to the school shooting in Nashville, Monday, March 27, 2023, in Nashville, TN  (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

The city of Nashville and the nation are reeling from the shooting that took place Monday morning at the Covenant School, a private Christian school with 200 students from preschool through sixth grade. 

The shooter has now been identified as a 28-year-old transgender person who was reportedly a former student at the school. 


A storm chaser is speaking out about seemingly miraculous circumstances surrounding a family he rescued in the wake of a deadly Mississippi tornado.


A state of emergency remains in place in Mississippi after a devastating EF-4 tornado left a trail of destruction and death Friday night. The nearly mile-wide twister traveled on the ground for about 60 miles, killing more than two dozen people.   


Warning: This news report contains graphic material that may be unsuitable for some readers.

A 2022 Utah law has been used to question dozens of books across the state considered by some to be inappropriate for children and in some cases even pornographic. Now, a parent has requested a school district remove the Holy Bible from its schools for inappropriate content. 


A U.S. lawmaker and pro-life advocates are calling attention once again to the unresolved case of five fully formed babies whose bodies were discovered in Washington, D.C. last year.