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A clip of a woman who says she grew up on ‘Mao’s China’ issued a stern warning for schools adopting various forms of Critical Theory.

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Praise leader Sean Feucht continued his "Let Us Worship" summer tour by stopping by his hometown of Virginia Beach Friday where hundreds came out to proclaim the name of Jesus. 

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One graduating high school senior in Massachusetts earned a $40,000 scholarship for college but asked school officials to give the endowment to another student.      


The magnitude of the heat expected across the western United States through the coming week will be one for the record books, according to forecasters. And it's not just how hot it will get that will set this particular heat wave apart from others the region has frequently endured in the past -- it's how long it will last.


Demand pricing is a staple of certain industries such as the airline and hotel business. Prices for flights and hotel rooms frequently change based on total demand. High demand naturally drives prices up, while discounts may be needed to increase demand at less popular destinations and times.

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Adrianne Curry, a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” and an actor, took to Facebook this week to admit she was taught by “godless people” in Hollywood to judge Kirk Cameron “simply because he found God.”

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Paxton Smith — the Texas valedictorian who ditched her planned graduation speech to rail against the state’s “heartbeat bill” — sparked a lot of reactions. One of the most viral responses came from a pro-life activist who regrets her own choice to choose abortion.


The Richmond, Virginia Fire Department rescued 19 people from their vehicles on Wednesday after storms moved through the region causing flash flooding. 


Steve Austin, a former pastor, and author who wrote books and blog posts about his struggles with mental health has died.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed legislation this week creating the Texas 1836 Project.