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This week, Turkish President Erdogan met with Russian President Putin and warned him of the impending danger of a planned all-out assault on the city of Idlib, Syria. President Trump's tough talks and tweets warning Putin and the Syrians to back off from the Idlib assault have made a difference in calming tensions—at least for now.  


The father of a Christian girl being held by a radical Islamic terror group is pleading with Nigeria's government to help secure his daughter's release.


A faction of the Boko Haram terror group has executed Saifura Ahmed, an International Red Cross worker in Nigeria. Officials say Ahmed, who was kidnapped along with three other humanitarian workers in Borno State last March 1, has been killed by the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP).


A Christian pastor whose prison ministry in South London was targeted by Muslims has been reinstated after he was kicked out.  


Venezuela's socialist economy has shattered the nation's health care system and the situation in the nation's hospitals is heartbreaking.


This summer, Christians in China are experiencing an escalating wave of persecution unseen since Mao's Cultural Revolution. "We're seeing more persecution or a higher level of persecution," said The Voice of the Martyrs Radio host Todd Nettleton. Nettleton said two recent developments this year that have contributed to the government's church crackdown.

Syrian Missile, Illustrative

Al-Qaeda-linked rebels recently targeted a mostly Christian town in Syria, firing missiles and killing at least 10 people.


Members of an Independent International Fact Finding Mission on Myanmar have concluded that the government has committed "crimes against humanity" that "warrant criminal investigation and prosecution." In response, a spokesman for a coalition of American faith leaders says tough action is needed against the Myanmar government to prevent genocide. "This is a really important time to fix our US policy on this situation, to reverse those sanctions that Obama lifted, " said Nicolee Ambrose of the Faith Coalition to Stop Genocide in Burma.


Evangelist Franklin Graham is making an impassioned plea on behalf of Nigeria's persecuted Christians.

Red cow

The Temple Institute has announced the birth of a flawless all-red heifer that could pave the way for the fulfillment of a major End Times biblical prophecy.