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books 10/06/08

Zondervan Launches Handwritten Bible Project

Bible Across America Tour Invites You to Handwrite Part of the NIV Bible

More than 31,000 Americans will have a hand in publishing a new NIV Bible, America’s NIV, the first NIV Bible ever written “one-verse, one-person” at a time.

The new Bible is being released by Zondervan to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the New International Version (NIV) translation. The publishing company is enlisting the help of the American people for the project. A team of four will drive a 42-foot luxury motorhome more than 15,000-miles, criss-crossing the United States over the next five months. During this “Bible Across America” tour, the team will make scheduled stops at events, churches, universities, retail stores, American landmarks and other venues to allow people of all ages and walks of life to write a verse in the Bible, which will then be published and sold nationwide.

“The Bible is America’s favorite book of all time. And because of its accuracy, clarity and literary quality, the NIV has become the most successful Bible translation of all time. We believe that a completely handwritten version of the NIV Bible by people from all across our country will help America rediscover the Bible in a fresh, new way,” said Moe Girkins, president and CEO of Zondervan.

Writers of America’s NIV will pen a single verse on actual thin-stock Bible paper. The Bible will include an unprecedented index of 31,173 contributors, one for every verse of the Bible. Zondervan plans to create two original editions. One original transcript of America’s NIV will be offered to the Smithsonian Institution and the second will be auctioned off to benefit the International Bible Society in support of their Bible translation and distribution efforts around the world.

To find an event nearest you, or to suggest a “rolling stop” in your town, please visit http://www.BibleAcrossAmerica.com and leave the team a message. To read more about this tour, visit Zondervan.

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