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Healthcare premiums and deductibles are higher than ever before. The incoming administration will likely repeal Obamacare but it won't happen over night. So what alternatives do Americans have? This week on CBN News Money Wise we explore Health Sharing Ministries--marketed as an affordable, faith-based solution for Christians, to the problems of rising healthcare costs. 


Invisible wounds from war, like post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, haunt veterans for years. For those who do seek help, care from the military comes at no out-of-pocket cost. However, Veteran Andrew Marr says he came away from that with a handful of medications to treat his symptoms but nothing for the underlying issue. In his quest for healing he spent thousands of dollars, filed for bankruptcy and learned some important information about the injury that haunted him. He's now made it his mission to raise awareness, support, and funds for other Veterans battling the invisible wounds of war. 


Watching the stock market before and after this years presidential election was a little confusing. The markets seemed to favor Hillary Clinton, spiking when she did well in the polls and plummetting when Donald Trump was declared President-elect. However, in the days after the election, the markets soared! Why did the markets get on board with Trump so quickly? Why didn't they favor him from the start? How can we read the changes we see happening in the markets? CBN News Financial Editor Drew Parkhill answers those questions and more in this weeks episode of CBN News Money Wise.


Have you ever dreamt of what you would do if there were no limit in your bank account? Or maybe you dream about a career that could get you to that point. This episode of CBN News Money Wise is the first of several that we'll be throwing into the mix of finding financial freedom in unconventional ways.


The Internet gives us the ability to stay more connected to each other than ever before--but if we're not careful this new kind of connectedness can also be impersonal and distant. We speak with a woman who shrunk the digital distance between her community by asking them to invest in her family during their time of need.


Has getting out of debt become the new American dream? In this episode of CBN News Money Wise we talk to a university professor and rapper Dee-1 about the cost of paying for a college education, why those costs continue to rise and how to pay for higher education without becoming buried in debt.


Did you know that debt is optional? In this episode of CBN News Money Wise we dive back into our conversation on the cost of higher education--but this time with less doom and gloom. We're having a hope-filled conversation with Rapper Dee-1 and Jesse Mecham, the host of the YNAB (You Need a Budget) Podcast. Dee-1 and Mecham share ways that students can get that education they need, while avoiding Sallie Mae!


I felt guilty if I didn’t always tithe, and would beat myself up for not having enough faith. After a while I thought, wait a second.  There’s something wrong with all this guilt I’m experiencing, and with all this manipulation over money. 


We continue our conversation about where your money belongs. In "The Money Shuffle Pt. 2" the MoneyWise team talks about what happens if you don't give, how to determine if you should give before or after taxes and if it is okay to choose new, tech saavy ways to give over the traditional offering plate.  


Where does your money belong? As Christians we’ve been taught that the first 10% belongs in the offering basket. But where did that number come from and is tithing the same as charitable giving? In this episode the Money Wise team spoke with a comedian, a pastor and a money expert to answer those questions.