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An International Prayer Alert for Egypt

The International Prayer Council just issued the following prayer alert for Egypt.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Defiant After Bloody Crackdown

While Cairo was quiet Thursday, ousted President Mohammed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood supporters vowed to continue to oppose the interim military regime and called for new protests. The government has warned it will not tolerate further unrest and more violent crackdowns are likely, especially after Friday prayers. The attacks on more than 20 churches and Christian institutions in Egypt on Wednesday reflected the growing radicalism of the Muslim Brotherhood and its determination to target groups that supported Morsi's removal. Egyptian officials said 525 people were killed during Wednesday's crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protest camps in Cairo.

(Excerpted from Lignet.com)

One of our prayer leader-friends in Cairo sent this request for our prayers:

"We believe you are following the news. Today, Wednesday, early in the morning, the process of dispersing protests started. Many have been killed & injured. Now, street wars are running in many places in the country, not only in Cairo. Cutting the roads (within the cities & between cities), burning many churches, random shooting, burning cars, fires in many places, burning metro (subway) stations, burning shops (especially of Christians), clashes in many places (one of them is relatively close to where we live).

The spirit of Pharaoh doesn't surrender easily, yet the Mighty One has His Plan for Egypt and from Egypt to the rest of the world. The world is shaking, and will be shaken more and more in the days ahead. Shaking in Egypt will have a great effect and influence worldwide.

It's time for prophetic intercession. It's time to speak God's decrees over Egypt. It's time to speak protection over the body of Christ in Egypt. Egypt is a prototype."

1.) Please pray with our Egyptian brothers and sisters in Christ for His purposes to be accomplished for their land at this time of crisis.

2.) Pray for their protection amidst the maelstrom of violent confrontation and for the authorities to have wisdom and restraint in reestablishing order.

3.) May many turn away from the emptiness, deception and destruction of Islam and find hope and salvation in Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your urgent prayers,

John Robb
IPC Chairman