Who Won Egypt's Election?

Who Won Egypt's Election?


For those following the news about the Egyptian elections, an article by Raymond Ibrahim is revealing. Since voting ended Sunday night, headlines such as "Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Wins Election" have been trumpeted on different news sites.

I saw one of those headlines on the Drudge Report only to open the story up and find the Muslim Brotherhood "said" their candidate won. Ibrahim points out these claims by the Muslim Brotherhood might be just a propaganda ploy.

As he writes,

"But what does the Muslim Brotherhood have to benefit by claiming victory now, if official results might prove otherwise on June 21, a mere three days from now Simple: they will be able to scream foul play — and gain the world's sympathy. For days the world will have been inundated with news that the Brotherhood won, so that when and if it hears that Shafiq won, it will naturally conclude electoral fraud — which best serves the Islamists' interests."

Click here to read Ibrahim's full article.

Official results will be released Thursday and we'll find out who won. Whichever candidate wins, it's certain Egypt's chaotic political season will go on. That's why Egyptian Christians continue to hope believers around the world will pray for their nation in its hour of need.

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