Meet the Muslim Brotherhood's 'Lenin'

Meet the Muslim Brotherhood's 'Lenin'


Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been called the most influential Islamic cleric in the world.

He’s the “spiritual leader” of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a vocal proponent of the Islamic caliphate and Sharia rule.

He’s called for the killing of U.S. troops in Iraq and has supported suicide bombings against Israeli civilians.

And according to a recent report, Qaradawi is acting as a mediator in secret U.S. talks with the Taliban.

A White House official tells CBN the report is "inaccurate." Yet as a former federal prosecutor points out in an e-mail:

Read carefully. The WH did not deny the report; they said it was "not accurate." That is the common trick used when a report is 90 percent accurate but has a few minor details wrong. If I report that you are left-handed and it turns out that you are ambidextrous, you can say, with great indignation, that my report is "not accurate" but it doesn't mean you are any less capable with your left hand.

Learn more about the man some call a jihadi “Lenin” by clicking on the viewer below and watching my new report.

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