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Why Chris Christie Isn't Mitt Romney or John McCain

I know…I know….here we go again right? All the talk is about how Chris Christie will be the best GOP nominee because he’s the most electable.

We’ve heard this before. We heard it with John McCain in 2008. We heard it with Mitt Romney in 2012 and now we are hearing it with Governor Christie.

But there’s a crucial difference. No disrespect to McCain or Romney but Christie has pizazz. He has more chutzpah in one finger than McCain and Romney do combined. That’s important.

A lot of Tea Party conservatives are going to focus in on the purity of Gov. Christie’s record. And for sure, that record should be explored. But just remember this: You can make the conservative case for Christie, too. It’s not like he’s Jon Huntsman folks.

Plus, Christie may just be the perfect political figure to run at a time like this because Washington is dysfunctional and Christie doesn’t do dysfunctional. He’s got no patience for it just like the American people.

That match of the hearts could very well be Christie’s biggest asset. Put another way (or as Chris Christie might put it), he doesn’t take any crap. And Americans seem ready for someone with real bravado that’s serious about breaking through the political clutter to come up with real solutions.