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State of the GOP Disunity

While President Obama talks about the state of the union Tuesday evening, the GOP is going through a state of disunity. Don’t underestimate its significance and how this will play out.

We know that the Tea Party and constitutional conservative groups are not happy with Karl Rove’s group, American Crossroads. While their new Conservative Victory Project PAC is looking to weed out bad, gaffe-prone ultra-conservative candidates, the Tea Party thinks these guys just want to water down conservatism and consolidate power by putting their money behind anybody with an ‘R” next to their name.

However, for all the vitriol being spewed by both sides, The Brody File sees an area of agreement that could make everybody happy. Maybe instead of fighting back so much against American Crossroads, Tea Party groups around the country might want to expend even more energy finding top notch constitutional conservative candidates in their districts.

Yes, I understand that work is already taking place but the truth is a lot more work needs to be done and Tea Party groups know it. Surely there are other potential Senate candidates out there that will please both the Tea Party and American Crossroads? Surely, there are more like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio out there. It takes time, investment, organization and money, but they’re out there.

The truth is this: The main challenge for the Tea Party movement isn’t fighting against American Crossroads. If anything, you can make the argument that Karl Rove’s group might actually be doing the movement a favor by pushing local Tea Party groups to really get downright busy and serious about finding constitutional conservative political candidates who are ready for prime time.

That’s the main task here. Maybe, just maybe, this internal squabbling will lead to a better conservative farm team. If so, then the bickering amongst conservatives will have served a noble purpose.

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