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A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

The gay marriage issue is front and center here in America and all over the World. Just recently, we’ve had France approve Gay Marriage (along with rioting in the street) and Rhode Island is about to become yet another state who will support it. But here’s a serious question that should be pondered: If gay marriage is considered ok in today’s society, well then why shouldn’t marriage between three people be ok? Why not marriage between a sister and a brother? A couple of cousins? No, seriously. I mean if gay rights activists want to throw traditional marriage out the window and introduce a new contract of love, then why should it only apply to them?

Instead, you know what I hear from homosexual activists about this point? Silence. Birds chirping. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Or if they do say something they’ll say, ‘Don’t be so absurd.” Well, The Brody File says why not? If they believe in the concept that marriage can be anything to anybody as long as two people care for each other in a “committed loving relationship” then what’s the problem with those other scenarios we laid out?  Why aren’t they ok? Hang on. That’s right. Birds chirping. Dead silence. Hypocrisy? You bet.