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Deadly Winter Weather Slams US Causing Crashes, School Bus Flips Over

Winter weather is striking in the Midwest and West this week, causing dangerous travel conditions and cutting power to thousands.

'The Left Tries to Ban Christianity in Texas': Sudden Spate of Bills Exalts LGBTQ Ideology Over Rights of Christians

A possible showdown over religious freedom is coming to the Lone Star state where, as one conservative columnist puts it, the Left is trying "to ban Christianity in Texas."

The 700 Club - January 24, 2019

Brian was making good money in business, but a frequent habit led him to bankruptcy. He learned some valuable lessons out of that experience and found financial security. See what he did and how it can help you too.

Starting Again After the Flood

How would Sayada support her three daughters? After a flood in Kerala, India, destroyed most of Sayada’s belongings, she had no means to support herself and her girls. It’s hard to rebuild a business. But Sayada received the help she desperately needed from a source that amazed her. Watch this!

Industrious 12-Year-Old Helps Feed Her Family

Gisella saw her mom struggling to feed the family and wanted to help. So she picked fruit to sell and surprised her mom. But this family needed an extra boost—like their own business. CBN’s Operation Blessing helped with that, and now Gisella has new and fun chores to do. See how you’re giving them hope for the future!

From Zero to Millionaire! It’s All About the Test

When Rita’s husband walked out, she was left with a broken heart, no job, and no financial means. But she trusted God and His Word and began a journey with Him, and today she has a multimillion dollar business. Watch her incredible story.

How to Find Peace and Prosperity in Business

Henry runs a business so successfully he doesn’t even need to advertise. He relates his success to God and a principle he and Lisa learned from Pat Robertson and The 700 Club. Hear their story and try it for yourself.

A Lifestyle of Luxury… Then Broke

John and Rebecca had the world on a string with any luxury they wanted. Then the business turned upside down and all they had was overwhelming debt. Watch their journey from top to bottom and back again.

700 Club Interactive - January 15, 2019

Jill Donovan shares how an embarrassing Oprah appearance caused her to rethink her re-gifting strategy & unexpectedly launch a booming jewelry business.

Finding Success After a Failed Business

When Chad and Kathlyn lost their concrete business, they barely had enough to pay for baby formula. It was scary. In prayer, Chad heard from God and took action that changed their situation for the better. Watch it now.

The Investment That Brought a 10-Fold Return

With little money and a struggling business, Charles and Julianne were losing hope. They tried something new with the little they had and saw amazing results! Find out what they did.

Kris Olsen Struggled With Same Sex Attraction Most of Her Life

Kris Olsen struggled with same sex attraction most of her life. Never acting on those feelings, until a business meeting, where she started a relationship with a female coworker. During an agreement Kris realized that she wanted Jesus more then she wanted this woman.

Carrying On a Blessed Family Legacy

Along with his wife, Mark carried on his family business. They also followed an example of “double tithe,” and share how that has affected them.

700 Club Interactive - November 22, 2018

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson tells the story of his family’s business and how 400 years of American entrepreneurs made this country great.

Willie Robertson: American Entrepreneur

The Duck Dynasty star shares the story his family’s business and the history of American innovators.

What Trump's Booming Economy Means for Tuesday's Midterms

One big issue driving voters to the polls Tuesday is the economy, which appears to be flourishing under the Trump administration. Could that translate into votes for the GOP?


Get Help Opening the Door to Success

James is young, ambitious, and ready for a successful career. His work has been greatly rewarded already and he says there’s one main key that’s made it possible. Find out what it is.

The 700 Club - January 14, 2019

Chantel is a successful real estate agent, but it wasn’t always that way. Success for her used to be having food to eat and a roof over her head. See how she went from just getting by to having a thriving career.

From $9 an Hour to Multimillionaire

Chantel is a successful real estate agent, but it wasn’t always that way. Success for her used to be having food to eat and a roof over her head. See how she went from just getting by to having a thriving career.

Not College Bound? Why a Skilled Trade or Apprenticeship Could be the Perfect Fit

A college degree is not for everyone. There are alternative career paths that might be a great fit and help the US economy at the same time by closing a national skilled trades gap.

The 700 Club - December 12, 2018

Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers focuses on finishing a 15-year career strong…and then starting again. Plus, the man who beats cancer even after refusing chemotherapy.

Veteran NFL Quarterback Retains Passion for the Game

Philip Rivers’ career has been long and decorated, ranking statistically among the NFL’s all-time top-10 quarterbacks. Discover what fuels his fire to stay unwaveringly committed.

700 Club Interactive - December 4, 2018

A career criminal faces eighty years in prison with the possibility of parole. In prison he gives his life to Jesus and begins experiencing miracles.

700 Club Interactive - November 9, 2018

Sandi Patty, the most awarded Christian female singer, reveals being sexually abused by a babysitter and the quiet brokenness that impacted her career and relationships.

Sandi Patty’s Quiet Brokenness

The legendary Christian vocalist reveals how sexual abuse by a babysitter impacted her career and relationships.

For KING & COUNTRY: Burn the Ships

For KING & COUNTRY shares about their faith and career.

The 700 Club - September 26, 2018

Singing legend Michael W. Smith sits down with Scott Ross to talk about his 30-plus year career and the roles in his life you don’t see on stage.

The 700 Club - September 24, 2018

A series of losses in life pushes one woman to a point of desperation for God. Plus, a successful adult film producer struggles with a sense of emptiness with his career path.

Cook Loses Her Sense of Smell and Taste

After struggling to find a career-path that would pay the bills, Keith found success as an adult film producer. As the money began to add up he still suffered from a sense of emptiness.

From Hardcore to Soft Serve

After struggling to find a career-path that would pay the bills, Keith found success as an adult film producer. As the money began to add up he still suffered from a sense of emptiness.

A Life of Dedication and Love

Arlene loves children. As career teacher and longtime CBN partner, she has dedicated her life to helping children all over the world.

Paul Wilbur Presents Upcoming Album

Paul Wilbur shares updates on his ministry and career, including his upcoming live recording in Jerusalem. He performs his song “Even So.”

Christian Leadership

Christian World News - February 15, 2019

Christian World News - February 15, 2019

Jerusalem Dateline: 2/15/19 US, Arabs, Israel, Others Stand United against Iran

US sponsored conference presents a united front against Iran; plus CBN News on the front lines in the battle against ISIS where Christian aid workers stand in the gap; and the copper scroll: is it the key to finding the lost Second Temple treasures?

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 15, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 15, 2019

Praying For Your Needs: February 15, 2019

Gordon and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing.

CBN NewsWatch AM: February 15, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: February 15, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 14, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 14, 2019

The Global Lane - February 14, 2019

4-years after ISIS beheaded 21-Coptic Christians, lessons learned from their families; Inspired by the Bible, Martin Luther King changed the world. His daughter’s story of redemption & forgiveness; What Democrats must do to regain the White House.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - February 14, 2019


CBN NewsWatch AM: February 14, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: February 14, 2019

Pence, Netanyahu, World Leaders Meeting to Discuss Terrorism, Iranian Influence in Middle East

A US-Polish sponsored conference on the Middle East opens in Warsaw, Poland on Wednesday. US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will both attend as well as at least 10 Arab states and Israel.

'How Did We Miss It?' Family's Devastating Discovery – Beloved Father, Pastor Abused Children for Yea

John Hinton was a pastor and spiritual leader. He was also a master pedophile who abused hundreds of children.

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 13, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 13, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: February 13, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: February 13, 2019

Former CIA Agent Reveals Her Secret Life

Michele Rigby Assad discusses her secret life in the CIA and how she learned what’s worth fighting for.

These Toxic Marriage Myths Can Hurt You

This is a week when folks traditionally pay a lot of attention to romance as well as flowers and candy. While Valentine’s Day focuses on the positive, during the rest of the year, many couples buy into myths or misunderstandings that can hurt rather than help their union.

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 12, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 12, 2019

Personal Finance

The Global Lane - February 7, 2019

American troop pullout. Consequences for Kurds. Christians in northern Syria react. Muslim vote in southern Philippines. Bloodshed finally end? Maduro and Venezuela socialism praised on college campus. & the truth about state of the American union.

Lyme Disease Finally Meets Its Match

Mary Jo got Lyme disease from tick bites. She suffered for several months until she turned on the TV and heard a prayer just for her.

The 700 Club - January 22, 2019

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did one thing and immediately saw changes in their finances. Now they’re debt-free with a paid off home. See what it was.

Rudy Giuliani: 'The President and Michael Cohen May Have Discussed Testimony'

President Trump's personal lawyer is fighting back against that disputed Buzzfeed news report.  

Getting Free From the Heavy Weight of Debt

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did one thing and immediately saw changes in their finances. Now they’re debt-free with a paid off home. See what it was.

The 700 Club - January 21, 2019

Talaat went into marriage ashamed of the $30,000 of debt he had accrued. After becoming debt-free, he and his wife, Tai, became financial coaches to others. They reveal the number one thing they feel has made the biggest impact in their finances.

New Life From the Fire

As the missile struck her home in Syria, Ammar felt the boiling oil from the stove sear her skin. She received basic treatment at a field hospital. Then she escaped on foot to Jordan and received 22 surgeries. Finally, Ammar discovered a hospital that treated her with care and respect. See her moving story of how she was healed, inside and out.

Searching for Mt. Sinai: Documentary Claims to Finally Pinpoint the 'Mountain of Moses'

The book of Exodus tells the harrowing story of the Hebrews' flight from Egypt – namely how God delivered them from Pharaoh's army at the Red Sea crossing and led them to Mount Sinai where he gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

Biblical scholars have argued for years about the location of these holy sites. Now Ryan Mauro, producer of the new documentary "The Mountain of Moses: Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia," says he might have found them.

Widowed and Desperately Poor

Life was happy for Aye and her three children living in Myanmar. Her husband earned enough to provide for the family, but when he died, Aye had to sell the farm animals to buy food and keep the kids in school. Finally, she got a job selling vegetables for a dollar a day, but that wasn’t enough. All this poor widow needed was a helping hand. See how CBN partners gave her a heart full of God’s love.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - December 20, 2018


700 Club Interactive - December 18, 2018

Wilbur Zook went a year with unexplained back and hip pain and no lasting relief. He finally turned to the only One he knew could heal him.

Not Guilty? Former FEC Commissioner Says Cohen and Trump Didn't Violate Campaign Finance Law

Hans von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission, agrees with the president. He told CBN News what the campaign finance law means and why he believes Trump did not violate it.

Michael Cohen Wasn't Even the Biggest Bombshell for Trump Yesterday

The Michael Cohen turmoil is reaching the White House after President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer was given three years in prison for financial crimes and breaking laws before the 2016 election. And that wasn't the only shoe to drop yesterday.  

Trump Facing Real Trouble? New Calls for Impeachment, Some Conservatives Concerned

The president calls the payment a “private transaction."