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Howard Conder discusses how the “Quote Jesus” campaign is impacting the spiritual climate in London.

Bishop Harry Jackson believes the church can play a pivotal role in bringing racial reconciliation to our nation.

Comedian and Fox News host, Tom Shillue discusses overzealous parenting and shares the rewards of an old-fashioned childhood.

Learn the path to discipline, motivation, success and peace in life from Former Army Ranger and hero of the Benghazi attack Kris Paronto.

Overbearing rules and punishments gave Jackson Park an orphan spirit, but after falling in love with his Heavenly Father, his relationship with his...

Father and son James and Geoff Banks share their story of a father’s prayers working to rescue a son from drug addiction.

Author David Limbaugh shares how to uncover the True Jesus by studying the Gospels.

John Stonestreet discusses his new book, "A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today's World.”

Author Mark Moore shares how he moved from acceptance to surrender, and from hope to faith in the wake of tragedy.

Brandi Temple, founder of Lolly Wolly Doodle, a multi-million dollar online retailer shares how she kept faith and family at the forefront.

Author Dr. Michael Roizen shares how to add years to your lie while adding dollars to your bank account.

Author Gary Thomas reveals the one word that can take your marriage to the next level.

Sentenced to life in prison at age 17 for a murder he didn’t commit and released 35 years later, Gene McGuire shares his journey.

Tanto lived a life of adrenaline, serving in military and contracting for the CIA, until he and his team were abandoned in Benghazi - when he...

Actress Lisa Lloyd talks about how seeking the spotlight can alter how we see God and ourselves.

Audio Adrenaline front man Adam Agee discusses life, music, and “The Hands and Feet Project.”