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Author Tracy Wilde brings a fresh and honest message that helps break down walls of insecurity, and encourages people to find hope and purpose in...

Elementary school principal Hayward Jean shares how he became a father-figure after his own father abandoned him as a child.

ABC News anchor Byron Pitts shares how he overcame a difficult childhood and now devotes himself to helping those in the same situation.

SQuire Rushnell and Louise Duart share the secrets to recognizing the miraculous works of God.

Louie Giglio discusses how to overcome the threatening giants in life and pursuing God to live life fully and freely.

Actress Alena Pitts will discuss her role in the hit movie "War Room," and shares how she is now inspiring young readers with her new book series,...

Retired Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown discusses his faith and reactions after five police officers were killed in the summer of 2016.

Popular author and speaker Lisa Harper never married but wanted a child. When she heard about Missy, a dying orphan in Haiti, Lisa fought for over 2...

Terry Meeuwsen discusses how God restored the marriage of author and blogger Shauna Shanks after her husband’s devastating affair.

Reverend Vernon Falls discusses what he sees God doing around the world.

Grammy-winner Rory Feek discusses how his life was changed by God and his late wife Joey.

Howard Conder discusses how the “Quote Jesus” campaign is impacting the spiritual climate in London.

Bishop Harry Jackson believes the church can play a pivotal role in bringing racial reconciliation to our nation.

Comedian and Fox News host, Tom Shillue discusses overzealous parenting and shares the rewards of an old-fashioned childhood.

Learn the path to discipline, motivation, success and peace in life from Former Army Ranger and hero of the Benghazi attack Kris Paronto.

Overbearing rules and punishments gave Jackson Park an orphan spirit, but after falling in love with his Heavenly Father, his relationship with his...