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Jewish Voice host Jonathan Bernis unlocks the prophetic mysteries of Israel regarding the end times.

Lead pastor of Hillsong NYC Carl Lentz shares his personal journey from teen who didn't care about church to leading one of the largest churches in...

For over 20 years Mark Lee has anchored the guitar presence of Christian Rock’s Third Day, but he admits there have been missteps and hardships along...

Lacey Buchannan found out she was pregnant and excepted in to law school at the same time. Complications from the pregnancy caused stress at home and...

A 14-year old boy drowns in icy waters only to be saved by his mothers prayers to a miracle working God. Joyce and John Smith share their incredible...

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., shares her family’s faith and holiday traditions.

Two-time Grammy-winner, Smokie Norful discusses how trusting God brings life’s greatest fulfillment.

Author and speaker shares daily practices of confession, meditation on God¹s word and prayer that bring forth renewed freedom in Christ.

Founder & CEO of Charisma Media discusses the likelihood of a supernatural element in Donald Trump’s election.

Pat Boone talks Israel's anniversary, his new song "Exodus," and his upcoming tour of Israel.

Ministry Founder and author Shaneen Clarke shares how she is reaching European leaders for Christ.

Three native Chicago friends create an audio bible that's read to hip hop beats.

6-year-old Little Big Shots star and gospel singer Caleb Serrano visits the set of 700 Club Interactive.

YouTube star Chelsea Crockett encourages women to confront self-doubt and to chase dreams.

Author Todd Burpo answers difficult questions about The Almighty and shares why “God is for Real”.

Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke found God’s better way for love, dating, marriage and sex.