flu season

Hospital workers across the United States are dealing with more flu patients than they've seen in a decade this time of year, and experts predict the numbers will only increase throughout the winter as people gather together in closed, indoor settings during the Christmas season.    


A new study confirms the COVID-19 pandemic affected not only the mental health of teenagers in the U.S. but also prematurely aged their brains by at least three years.  


Researchers are looking into cases of serious side effects occurring in some young adults after they received a COVID-19 vaccination, including the possibility of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle.


Getting enough sleep is crucial to good health, but many of us struggle with insomnia. Here are some tips to better sleep and better overall health.


We often compare ourselves to others and it can be toxic. Unfortunately, it's also rampant in our society today. 


The good news is scientific studies over the last few decades have led to the discovery of dozens of lifestyle choices that can contribute to Alzheimer's.  

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The flu isn't the only virus affecting the U.S. right now. RSV, COVID-19, and the common cold are other viruses that are circulating the country. A strong immune system can make the difference between no symptoms, mild symptoms or severe illness, or even death.

Photo Courtesy: Kansas City Missouri Police Department via Facebook

Two Kansas City police officers are being applauded as heroes for saving the life of a one-month-old baby who stopped breathing after complications with RSV. 

Doctor & patient at Union Mission clinic

Too many Americans aren't getting the health care they need. This often happens in areas sometimes known as "medical deserts," neighborhoods where there isn't a doctor's office nearby and where people living there don't generally have transportation to travel to get to one. In an effort to solve this problem, some Christian ministries are partnering with local health care providers to help reach these under-served populations.

Gender dysphoria (Photo: Adobe stock)

Alarmed by a lack of research, governments in Europe and conservative-led states in the U.S. are moving to limit "unproven and risky" gender-altering treatments for children.