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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a number of things about the US and China's relationship. One most notable thing is how America depends on China for prescription drugs in a major way. What has been an underlying concern for the past couple of decades is now coming to the surface.


The captain of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier facing a growing outbreak of the coronavirus on his ship was fired Thursday by Navy leaders who said he created a panic by sending his memo pleading for help to too many people.


Nearly 3,000 sailors aboard a U.S. aircraft carrier where the coronavirus has spread will be taken off the ship by Friday, Navy officials said Wednesday as they struggle to quarantine crew members in the face of an outbreak.


The captain of a US Navy nuclear aircraft carrier pleads with his superiors for help as he's trying to contain the spread of a virus on board his ship that's threatening his crew of 4,000 sailors. Even though it sounds like the plot out of a fictional Hollywood movie, it's actually happening right now, while the USS Theodore Roosevelt is docked in Guam.  

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President Trump arrived in Norfolk, VA on Saturday to see off the USNS Comfort hospital ship as it heads to New York to aid in the COVID-19 crisis.


The U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday that it has indicted Venezuela's socialist leader Nicolás Maduro and several key aides on charges of narcoterrorism.


The U.S. launched airstrikes Thursday in Iraq, targeting the Iranian-backed Shia militia members believed responsible for the rocket attack that killed and wounded American and British troops at a base north of Baghdad, the Pentagon said.   

US troops

Three service members were killed, including two Americans, and a dozen more were injured when a barrage of rockets were fired at a military base in Iraq, U.S. officials said Wednesday.


On Tuesday, the state of New York activated the National Guard and establishing a "containment area" outside of New York City, closing schools and other facilities to stem the spread of COVID-19. 

US troops

American troops have begun leaving Afghanistan for the initial troop withdrawal required in the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement, the U.S. military confirmed Monday, amid political chaos in Kabul that threatens the deal.