A show of force. That, in essence, is how the military described a recent port call when a powerful U.S. submarine surfaced in Guam signaling the power, capability, and readiness of the U.S. Navy, both to our allies and adversaries alike. 

TSA screening with Hexwave

A growing number of Americans can't remember going through an airport that didn't include enhanced security measures. While mostly effective in keeping people safe, they're also time-consuming and inconvenient. 

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan speaks during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Monday, Aug. 23, 2021. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

The White House says Iran will face “severe consequences” if it attacks any US citizens after the Islamic Republic announced sanctions against dozens of Americans.


On Dec. 9, 2021, the US-led combat mission in Iraq came to an official end after 6,850 days. But that momentous occasion did not equal a ticket home for the 2,500 U.S. troops still stationed in the country. Neither did it signal a change of mission for 900 troops currently serving in Syria.  


North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the sea on Wednesday, the U.S. military said, its first weapons launch in about two months and a signal it isn’t interested in rejoining denuclearization talks anytime soon and would rather focus on boosting its weapons arsenal.


"There is no COVID-19 exception to the First Amendment. There is no military exclusion from our Constitution," the federal judge said.


The U.S. Navy and Air Force are being accused of giving blanket denials to all requests for religious exemptions from the military's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. It's happening even though there are federal laws and regulations in place to prevent such a total and outright denial of religious rights. 

Islamic terrorists have been targeting Uganda with bombs. (Screen capture)

Three years after the defeat of the ISIS Caliphate, Islamic State fighters are still terrorizing much of the world. From Nigeria to Afghanistan and the Philippines, ISIS-affiliated groups are rising. Now, they've set their sights on the East African nation of Uganda.

Shields of Strength Dog Tag

Shields of Strength (SoS), a faith-based seller of military-themed products, is taking the Department of Defense to court after it told the Texas-based company to stop printing scripture on its dog tags.


A growing number of U.S. service members say the military is stripping them of their religious liberties. This news comes as many of the COVID-19 vaccination deadlines for active-duty members have passed without a single religious exemption being granted.