The United States is increasing military ties with Armenia, a Christian nation that's under threat from its Muslim neighbor Azerbaijan.

US military chaplains

For the first time since the Cold War, the Navy is expanding its Chaplain Corps. This year alone, the goal is to fill 70 active duty slots, a number that would place one chaplain on every U.S. Navy destroyer.

U.S. Air Force drones

U.S. Air Force leaders point to small drones as one of the top threats now faced in combat. The military site tasked with taking this challenge head-on is the Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota. CBN News traveled there to get an up-close look.


Nationwide, crime is dominating the headlines in America. The Council on Criminal Justice says violent crimes have become more common over the past four years. Leaders in the nation's capital say the District is in a state of emergency due to the high crime this year. 

CBN's Mark Martin stands at an unguarded area of the US-Canadian border

While the U.S. southern border gets the headlines, authorities along our extensive border with Canada are dealing with a surge of their own. CBN News traveled to North Dakota for a closer look.


A "chaotic and deadly" evacuation. That's how House Republicans described the 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan. 


Republicans are taking aim at America's top law enforcement official. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified before the House Judiciary Committee, facing tough questions over his handling of the southern border and the U.S. fentanyl crisis. 


The next Defense Department budget will be the highest in America's history, reaching nearly $900 billion. Just last week, the House Armed Services Committee sent its version to the floor for a vote. 


Secretary of State Antony Blinken travels to China this weekend on a long-awaited trip to possibly smooth the waters between the two countries. The high-stakes visit just got more complicated, however, with word that hackers backed by the Chinese government have attacked computer networks worldwide.  


Looking at the vastness of Utah Beach, its sand blowing in strong wind and bright sunshine, made Robert Gibson’s memory of D-Day even more vivid. “It was tough,” the 99-year-old veteran said of the moment when he landed there on June 6, 1944, alongside more than 150,000 other Allied troops.