About Next Gen Voices

Next Gen Voices features young, diverse, and anointed male and female pastors from across the country who unashamedly preach the gospel in a fresh, fearless way. In this 30-minute show, host Roberto Torres-Cedillo introduces a dynamic message from a next gen pastor. At the end of the message, Roberto shares his closing thoughts and encourages viewers who need prayer to call CBN’s 24 hr. phone number, 1-888-700-7000.

Roberto Torres-Cedillo

Roberto Torres-Cedillo: Co-Host, Club 700 Hoy / Lead content creator of Club 700 Hoy’s social media outlets for the Spanish-speaking world since 2017 / Earned the Scholars Weekend full scholarship to Regent University and graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies in 2012 / Awarded the OneHope Fellows full scholarship for emerging leaders and graduated with a M.A.