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Good News for Syria Christians


While many Syrian Christians believe an American-led attack may only create more suffering and harship for them, the good news is the current suffering--in some places--is creating more Syrian Christians.

VOM USA's Todd Nettleton just returned from Turkey where he met with Syrian Christians and visited refugee camps along the border. They told him that God is on the move in their country despite war, death and destruction there.

Here's a portion of the blog Nettleton wrote for The Voice of the Martyrs:

"Our team met with two Syrian Christians, one still working in Syria and one currently displaced and working among Syrians in Turkey. Some points from what we learned about Syria and the church there:

--God is at work. One of our contacts told us about an area in Syria where 18 months ago there were only 12-13 Christians. Today, there are more than 70 Christian FAMILIES! As has happened in other areas (Iran, Egypt), people are seeing the true face of Islam and it is generating a real openness for the things of Christ.

We also heard reports of growth in the church among the Kurds.

--God is using miracles to bring people to Christ. This was a repeated theme of stories from Syria. One man was healed of cancer and came to Christ. A woman who’d been paralyzed for 10 YEARS after a stroke was healed and came to Christ."

Nettleton requests prayer for Syria, the country's Christians (one of the oldest church communities in the world) and for VOM staff working to assist them.

You can read Nettelton's entire blog and hear his recent radio interview with Janet Parshall here.

And view my recent story which features comments from a Syrian pastor who says Syrian Christians are requesting our prayers at this time because they fear a U.S. military strike is only going to make matters worse for them.

Despite their fears and all the evil occurring in Syria, we know that God's love, purpose and goodness is shining through!

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