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How We Know the Muslim Brotherhood Burned the Churches

St. Theresa's Church, Asyut

The Muslim Brotherhood denies it was responsible for the unprecedented wave of church burnings in Egypt on Aug. 14. So, what evidence is there in addition to the statements of eyewitnesses who may have seen known Brotherhood members attacking churches?

How is this for evidence? At the very least it is the incitement of Morsi supporters (many of them Muslim Brotherhood members) to take action. It's from the Freedom and Justic Party Facebook page. The FJP is the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood:

Here's the English translation:

The pope of the Church is involved in isolating the first Islamist elected president.

The pope of the Church accused the Islamic Sharia as backward and deadlock and retrograde.

The pope of the Church is sponsoring the group of “black block” to create chaos, banditry and siege and storm the mosques.

The pope of the Church is mobilizing the Copts in the demonstrations of 6/30 to topple the Islamic President.

The pope of the Church objected to the matters of the Islamic identity, and withdrew from the founding committee of the constitution.

The pope of the Church was the first to respond to Sissi’s call for authorizing the killing of Muslims. The result of this mandate was, before this massacre today, more than 500 dead.

The pope of the Church sent a memo to the current commission to cancel the materials of the Sharia.

After all of that, people ask: why do they burn churches?

Notice: Burning houses of worship is a crime. But, adopting a war against Islam and Muslims by the Church is a worse crime.

There is a reaction for every action.

Meanwhile, Egypt's interim President Adley Mansour has received an amended draft constitution which includes an article that would prohibit religious political parties. If eventually approved by the Egyptian electorate, it would mean the FJP-- and religiously inspired inflammatory rhetoric like that which incited action against the country's Christians--would be banned from Egyptian politics in the days ahead.

Stay tuned and keep praying for Egypt!

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