North Korea Spiritual Warfare: Insights from Carl Moeller

North Korea Spiritual Warfare: Insights from Carl Moeller


While military strategists plot possible options for waging war on the Korean Peninsula, Korean and Chinese Christians are moving forward with their spiritual warfare plans for North Korea.

They've been doing it for many years and look forward to the time when they can share the gospel openly on the streets of Pyongyang and elsewhere in the North.

North Korea is the most dangerous place on earth to be Christian. Each year, Open Doors USA releases its Watch List of the world's worst persecutors--and each year North Korea has consistently topped the list. No change is expected when the new list comes out early next year.

Operation World estimates there are 355,762 Christians in North Korea. An estimated 100,000 are currently being held in labor camps. Again, these figures are estimates because no one knows for certain how many Christians there are in the hermit kingdom.

That's because most NK Christians are secret believers. If a Bible is discovered in the home of a North Korean, or if several believers are discovered gathering together for prayer or worship, they would--at the very least--be sent to labor camps (death camps in actuality because few people survive the harsh conditions and treatment there).

CBN News talked with Open Doors USA President Carl Moeller this week about North Korea and Pakistan. We've aired portions of the interviews on our various news shows.

Here is more of the North Korea interview for you—in five clips. Listen to all five. Carl shares some excellent insights about the world's worst persecutor.

Clip 1: Several dimensions to the North Korean Church

Clip 2: Church plans for the future

Clip 3: Some Christians return

Clip4: How the gospel reaches North Koreans

Clip 5: Obama's response to persecution

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