Funeral March For Climate Change

Funeral March For Climate Change


Christians gathered in Coventry, England today and held a funeral procession for the climate.

The symbolism of a funeral is deliciously ironic, given the dying public support for the belief in apocalyptic climate change.

The "Climate Change Day of Action" began with a church service at Coventry Cathedral, which is also symbolic given that many view radical environmentalism as a faith. At the service a sermon was to be given by the Bishop of Liverpool, the Right Reverend James Jones, who was to preach that, "The climate is changing and there is no justice in the change."  Few of us feel climate is fair, especially after a nasty cold winter, but that's not what the Right Reverend meant. I presume he meant that the global warming apocalypse is unfair to the non-industrialized world, freegans and the oppressed, all of whom presumably had little to do with "wrecking" the planet, or something.

In attendance at the faith service in Coventry was NASA scientist James Hansen, who, surprisingly, has still not been fired from his job as head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Hansen said today that democracy was not working to "save the planet." Hansen has previously said that President Obama has four years to save the planet, and has called coal power plants "factories of death." In case you're new to the game, global warming skeptics have already been compared to holocaust deniers and sexual predators.

In one of the funnier moments from the annals of climate change hysteria, Hansen a few weeks ago attended a global warming sit-in at one of those "factories of death" in DC; an event that was nearly snowed out by a nasty winter storm.

Even Time Magazine managed to grasp the irony of that.

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