Pro-Life Response to President's Faith Call

Pro-Life Response to President's Faith Call


Look at the picture below.

That sums up the pro-life response to the President's faith conference call last night. Read some of the reaction from pro-life leaders below.

By the way, it's not often you can tie in Nell Carter to politics. I've got skill.

Charmaine Yoest, President, Americans United for Life

“The call for reform as a ‘moral imperative’ rings hollow with Americans because the overwhelming majority firmly oppose taxpayer funding for abortion coverage.  Abortion is not healthcare. Real healthcare respects life.   As the Hippocratic Oath reminds us, health care grounded in a moral imperative protects the most vulnerable among us including the unborn and the elderly. Real healthcare does not fund the destruction of unborn children and it does not delay or deny care to the sick, elderly and weak among us, but that is the prospect we currently face.”

David Bereit,National Director, 40 Days for Life

“President Obama stated that abortion funding would not be included in health care reform. Talk’s cheap – is the president willing to include language in any health care reform proposal or bill that would explicitly exclude funding of abortion coverage?

“Also, Scripture is clear – human life is sacred and made in God’s image and likeness, knit together in a mother’s womb. It is a slap in the face of people of faith to misuse the Biblical timeframe of 40-days in an attempt to salvage floundering health care reform proposals that would mandate taxpayer funding of abortion coverage and force Americans into health plans with mandatory abortion coverage.”

Kristan Hawkin, President, Students for Life of America

“Listening to tonight’s Soujourner’s call on healthcare reform, I agreed with many concerns they raised regarding eliminating pre-existing conditions and the high cost of health insurance. However, when the call had Melody Barnes, former Executive Director of the pro-abortion group Emily’s List, on trying to put the White House’s spin on nationalized healthcare, I was reminded that this call failed to address key concerns of many those of faith and of no-faith. The question of the government subsidizing abortion. How can you have a call gathering together thousands of faithful people and not mention the fact that the current proposed nationalized healthcare will subsidize and therefore increase abortion, killing millions more unborn children.

“I am shocked and disappointed that Melody Barnes failed to answer a question on tonight’s call on whether the President’s healthcare reform would increase funding for abortion. The White House needs to be truthful in the fact that the Capps Amendment as based by the House Energy and Commerce Committee will force abortion to be covered in any public insurance option. Dishonest spin is not what people of faith want to hear.

“I am disappointed that tonight’s call filed to address the key issue of the sanctity of life. I am also further disappointed that President Obama continues not to address pro-life concerns with nationalized healthcare and calls our concerns “devise and deceptive tactics.”

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council 

“The Religious Left, that has blindly put their faith in this Administration’s attempted takeover of health care, has repeatedly said they do not want to get into the weeds on the policy aspects of health care reform.  Instead they say their focus is on the moral mandate that all people have health care.

“Ensuring that taxpayer are not forced to fund abortions and that the conscience rights of health care workers are protected is not getting into the weeds, but rather it is ensuring that health care reform is kept on a higher moral plain.”


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