Honesty About Senate Christmas Eve Healthcare Deadline

Honesty About Senate Christmas Eve Healthcare Deadline


There's been so much talk lately of this Christmas deadline in the Senate. You get the sense that if this healthcare reform bill isn't out od the Senate by Christmas then America just won't be the same. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin took to the Senate floor yesterday and said the following:

"If it costs us Christmas Eve, or costs us Christmas Day or even more, we cannot let the people of this country down,"

Oy Gevalt!  (see definition below!)

By the way, a quick diversion for a moment (my ADD personality) have you seen the Obama Yarmulkes? A great Hanukah gift suitable for all ages!

Sorry. I had a little Jewish flashback there. Anyhow, back to my point. Can't we just get some honesty from these Senators? Fixing the healthcare system is important but this Christmas deadline is all political on both sides. Here is what I want these Senators to say:

Generic Democratic Senator: "I rise today here on the Senate floor to say we must get this done by Christmas because if this keeps dragging on, our party is in a heap of trouble come 2010. We have got to get healthcare done so we can move on to jobs. Otherwise, I won't be a Senator after the 2010 elections and instead I will be at home playing Backgammon in my pajamas. I yield the floor."

Generic Republican Senator: "I rise today here on the Senate floor to say we must delay this bill forever. Why? Yes I think it's a bad bill but besides that we have to make sure that a vote doesn't happen before Christmas because we want the Democratic majority to go back and face their constituents over the Christmas break and get an earful just like what happened at the town halls back in August. If that happens, the Democrats will face pressure to jettison this bill for good. That will make me so happy. I will start dancing to the ABBA song "Waterloo". I'm a big fan of delaying this bill. I like to delay. Healthcare reform is just not our top priority. Plus, I have no interest whatsoever in seeing the Democrats celebrate a victory. Remember, I'm a politician! I yield the floor."

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