Ralph Reed: Not Running for Congress

Ralph Reed: Not Running for Congress


Ralph Reed will NOT be running for Congress.

The Brody File has Ralph Reed's statement. It's hot off the press and first on The Brody File. Read below:


“After much thought and prayer, I have decided not to be a candidate for Congress in Georgia’s Seventh district in 2010.  I believe I can best advance conservative principles by continuing to serve as CEO of Century Strategies, LLC, and founding chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.  Century’s voter contact subsidiary and grassroots team will be involved in a number of races in 2010.  FFC is growing rapidly, with over 150,000 members and supporters already, currently adding one new state chapter a week and 1,000 new members a day.

In 2010 and 2012, FFC will register an estimated one million new faith-based voters and make tens of millions of voter contacts in what may be the largest conservative get-out-the-vote effort in modern political history.  These nationwide efforts offer a much better prospect for changing the direction of the country than winning a Congressional race myself.  In the end, I concluded I cannot run for Congress and carry out the plans I have for Century Strategies and Faith and Freedom Coalition at the same time.  I had to make a choice.  I believe electing 50 to 100 men and women of character and conservative beliefs to Congress and statewide office over the next two election cycles is a more efficacious way to advance the conservative agenda than seeking public office myself in 2010.

Should that door open in the future, perhaps I will arrive at a different decision, but I know this is the right decision at this time for me and the Reed family.  Jo Anne and I have been deeply moved and encouraged by the expressions of support we have received from so many.  We are proud to call Georgia our home and we look forward to continuing to be involved in the civic life of our state and the nation.  God bless you as we work together for an historic victory in 2010.”

The Brody File has been following Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition for months now and i can tell you that it is indeed poised to be a major player in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

Reed is traveling to a couple states nearly every day. This new Coalition is a huge commitment. The Brody File was told that he informed his State Coalition Directors in a conference call 15 minutes before the announcement came at 11am.

Don't underestimate Ralph Reed and his ability to galvanize conservative Christians.

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