Eric Cantor to Brody File: White House Hypocrite Charge Against Him is "Preposterous"

Eric Cantor to Brody File: White House Hypocrite Charge Against Him is "Preposterous"


In an interview with The Brody File House Minority Whip Eric Cantor blasts The White House and Democrats by trying to paint him as a hypocrite on the stimulus bill.

The White House and the DNC say while Cantor opposed the stimulus bill he is supportive of the money inside it that will provide for high rail train service in Virginia which will lead to jobs in his state. Cantor vehemently defends himself below.

 Rep. Cantor will be a guest on this week’s edition of The Brody File that will air Monday March 15th on the CBN News Channel.

The video is below along with the full transcription.

Rep. Eric Cantor:  “Ever since I’ve come to Congress I have been supportive of a high speed rail project for Virginia. It is a gateway of the Southeast corridor in the United States. It’s something that study after study has indicated would produce hundreds of thousands of jobs for our state. Way before the stimulus bill was even discussed I supported that project so somehow the notion that I shouldn’t be for a project that represented a very small portion of an 800 and some billion dollar bill I mean I don’t think that necessarily I would need to be bought off if you will by voting for an 800 and some billion dollar bill on the part of my constituents just so I could continue to advocate for a project that would create jobs in my state. That doesn’t make any sense. I think the argument is preposterous and I think the other one that they continue to try and suggest is that somehow I shouldn’t be for promoting job fairs in Virginia because entities that may want to participate in those job fairs could have benefited from stimulus money. Well you know what? I’m about trying to make sure that I do everything I can to see my constituents get back to work so again I think that their argument is falling on deaf ears. If they’re talking about negativism and obstructionism I think that’s the kind of politics that the people in this country are tired of.”

More on Gibbs remarks here.

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