Exclusive: Scott Walker Says His Sons 'Targeted on Facebook' Over Recall Effort

Exclusive: Scott Walker Says His Sons 'Targeted on Facebook' Over Recall Effort


In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the vitriol over the effort to recall him has gotten so bad at times that his children have been “targeted on Facebook.”

The Brody File spoke with Gov. Walker at his executive residence in Madison, Wis., this past Sunday afternoon for about an hour. We are releasing a few of the video clips from the interview. More will be released on "The Brody File Show" later this week and a full story will air on "The 700 Club" in the next couple weeks.

Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File.

Watch his comments below with the full transcription.

David Brody: What kind of stories have you seen about some folks really kind of getting in your face about this?

Gov. Scott Walker: Well, even more so my personal home where my kids, my parents still live. I have thousands of people bussed in to my home in Wauwatosa where I've got two high school sons living, and I've got parents in their 70s.

Last year, my 16 year old and my mother in her 70s were at a grocery store and got yelled at. I've had my kids targeted on Facebook; we've had all those sorts of things. Now, thankfully for every one of them, there's ten fold people that come up to me at a factory or a farm or small business and say, hey Governor, me and my family are praying for you. That never makes the news.

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