Michele Bachmann In Studio: Her Message to Obama: 'The War on Terror is Not Over'

Michele Bachmann In Studio: Her Message to Obama: 'The War on Terror is Not Over'


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was on The Brody File Show this past week. Have a look at her segment below.

She talks about Mitt Romney, President Obama, praying over soldiers in Afghanistan and even gives a pseudo altar call for viewers to give their life to Jesus!

You ain’t seeing that on the main cable networks! (Though maybe we need to see more of that!)

David Brody: Joining me now, in studio, Michele Bachmann is with us.

Michele Bachmann: Thank you.

Brody: We actually have you in studio, we’re not following you around the country somewhere.

Bachmann: Well thank you, we’re in Washington DC right now, it’s great. A lot is happening right here.

Brody: Yeah, I’m going to ask about all of that. I’ve got to ask you the burning question that I’ve been wanting to ask you since the election. Have you and Marcus thought about opening a dance clinic, because I got to tell you, my wife and I are looking for some tips, and I figured I had to come to you. What a night.

Bachmann: We are not Dancing with the Stars, but we just have fun dancing, and we swing dance a lot. We just think it’s great exercise, I love it, and we’re big dancers.

Brody: Let me ask you, some lessons learned from the presidential campaign. We haven’t really caught up since then. What’s one of the lessons that you take away from what happened in 2012? You did so well in the Ames straw poll, obviously it didn’t work out, but what is the lesson that you think you took away from this.

Bachmann: Well, that this election really matters, it’s extremely important. I knew that when I got in, I prayed about it and felt that the Lord had called me to get into the race. I’m grateful that I did, and I know I made a difference, particularly on Obamacare. I’m the chief author of the bill to repeal, and our presumptive nominee completely changed his position on Obamacare to full-scale repeal.

That’s a tremendous contribution, and I know more than ever that this election is going to matter. And I think along the way, along the trail, I learned even more and I got better. And I think one thing I learned is a person has to be extremely careful with what they say. Make sure you have Elvis Presley’s birthday down, because that’s very important, and know where John Wayne was born. Those are two extremely important pieces of information.

Brody: Oh, the media loves to beat everybody up.

Bachmann: What they focus on is kind of amazing, when it looks like the house is burning down around us, that’s what they care about.

Brody: You ran pretty much an impeccable campaign, in terms of a mistake-free campaign.

Bachmann: Thank you, it really was.

Brody: It pretty much was.

Bachmann: It really was, we were extremely careful, and we were almost mistake free, but for those two points, Elvis Presley’s birthday and John Wayne’s birthplace. I’ve apologized, and we moved beyond.

Brody: Interesting. I want to ask you real quick, the Tea Party and evangelicals, because the media...

Bachmann: That’s your book.

Brody: Hello. Well, thank you from a narcissistic standpoint. The media is going to say Romney is the nominee; the Tea Party and evangelicals didn’t get their nominee. What do you say to all of those folks, because the media is going to go with this narrative, they’re going to say, "Look the Tea Party and evangelicals are marginalized because Romney is the nominee.'"

Bachmann: You coined the phrase “the teavangelicals” and there is a strong overlap between people who are Tea Partiers and people who are evangelicals because their worldview is very similar. And I think that that’s something the presumptive nominee is trying to reach out and bring everyone in.

Brody: Before you get out of here, I want to ask you about Afghanistan, because you went to Afghanistan.

Bachmann: I just got back yesterday.

Brody: Tell me a little bit about why you were there, and what you discovered, what you found out.

Bachmann: Yesterday President Obama’s team said the war on terror is over. This weekend, I stood and prayed over a soldier whose legs were lost two hours earlier in an explosion on the battlefield. I’m here to testify, as I prayed over him in the ICU, the war on terror is not over. And if President Obama is saying that the war on terror is over, then bring every one of those soldiers home today.

If it’s truly over, bring these soldiers home, and disband the TSA in all of our airports. If the war on terror is over, we don’t need the TSA. If the war on terror is over, we’re in Washington, D.C., right now having this conversation, take all of the barriers down in Washington, D.C. This administration is so out of touch. They’re totally in tune with political correctness. They don’t get the war on terror. They don’t get the threat of civilization jihad. And their words no longer match what they’re saying.

Brody: We don’t have much time, but "Core of Conviction" here it is, the book. If people want to pick up this book and read it, what will they find out about you? Is there something? There’s got to be a few things in here that they might not know about.

Bachmann: I think what my book says is that I came from very humble beginnings. We were below poverty. I worked my way through college to realize the American dream. But my life changed completely when I bowed my knee to Jesus Christ and became a believer when I was 16 years of age.

I was fastidious in reading the Bible, I couldn’t get enough. The Holy Spirit came into my life and completely changed me. When I gave my life to the Lord, I said ‘whatever your plan is for my life, my life is yours, use it.’ I went through a lot of years of struggling, but the Lord raised me up, and the one thing I know is that God is no respecter of persons. He is not partial. What He does for one, He does for all.

He has the most glorious plan for everyone’s life. And I came out of a very difficult childhood, but I just want to encourage all of your viewers right now, if your viewers will give their lives to Jesus Christ, His plan of redemption is unlike anything you can possibly imagine. No one is too late for redemption. And what He has to give are literally the keys to the kingdom, an abundant life here on this life, but also eternal life with Him.

There’s nothing that compares. My story is really the story that He has for every human being. We’re all the same.

Brody: A Brody File altar call, right here with Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann: Do it here, don’t delay.

Brody: Thank you so much for joining us.

Bachmann: Thank you, God bless you and all of your viewers.

Brody: By the way, since you’ve been here on The Brody File, I know you like celery so much.

Bachmann: I do. How did you know? That’s my favorite food, as bizarre as that is.

Brody: Well, because I remember you consume stalks of it at Thanksgiving. We’re going to send you a year supply like that.

Bachmann: Okay, take it. I’ll take it. As long as it’s in line with the rules of ethics.

Brody: Oh, that’s right. We’ll check on that.

Bachmann: Well, God bless you.

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