Obama's Worst Debate Nightmare

Obama's Worst Debate Nightmare


Some thoughts before tonight’s foreign policy presidential debate in Boca Raton, Fla.

The Benghazi Embassy situation: Obama's worst nightmare is for Romney to actually put together a coherent timeline on this Benghazi Embassy disaster and try to paint Obama as a liar. Romney must approach this situation ready to hit a home run on the cover-up aspect and how Obama lied in the last debate about what he said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack. If he doesn't, he will have lost the debate plain and simple.

The Iran/Syria Revolutions: This is where Romney can look Reaganesque and make Obama look like Jimmy Carter. The worst nightmare for Obama is for Romney to neatly weave the Iran and Syria revolutions into one big narrative on the Obama administration's silence when it comes for people yearning for freedom.

The Osama bin Laden Factor: The worst case for President Obama here is that Romney comes prepared to litigate (just like he does on the Obama economy) with facts and figures about how the world is not safer from al Qaeda just because Obama got bin Laden. He would need to explain that they take up more geographic ground today than when he took office, etc.

The Apologizer in Chief Narrative: Obama's worst nightmare is if Romney can succinctly explain step-by-step in one minute or less all of the times Obama has in essence apologized for America (bowing to Saudi King, at the United Nations, Cairo Speech, etc.) It will play well with the base.

Tying Foreign Affairs Directly to the Economy: This is a big one. Romney is best talking about the economy so Obama's worst nightmare is for Romney to show how America's leadership in the world has truly suffered because of POTUS's mishandling the U.S. economy. He must be able to tie bad economic policy to foreign policy issues like trade, Greece, and the debt, etc.

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