baby hand in an adult hand

The mom and dad of a California baby girl born weighing the amount of a soda can say they are grateful to God that she is thriving just seven months after her birth. 

vegetables and health

Scientists now tell us the Standard American Diet (SAD) causes even more deaths than smoking. This diet largely consists of ultra-processed foods loaded with chemicals, added sugars, and industrial oils. 

Lucinda Mullins

A Lexington, Kentucky mom is giving glory to God even after a kidney stone infection led doctors to amputate both of her legs above the knee, and she's expected to lose both of her hands as well. 


Big questions are being raised about a primary source of drinking water for many people around the world. New research has revealed the average liter of bottled water sold in retail outlets could contain nearly a quarter million invisible pieces of tiny nanoplastics.  

Mary Lou Retton

Former Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton says she is "blessed" to be alive after battling a life-threatening form of pneumonia this past fall.

flu season

The number of Americans suffering from respiratory illness is high or very high in two-thirds of the United States. The spike in cases follows annual trends.  


Nearly 70 million Americans report suffering from some type of digestive issue, according to statistics, while it's believed many more suffer in silence. While the causes can vary, some point to an unhealthy diet and say reversing that pattern can make all the difference. 


America is experiencing a historic mental health crisis. Some sufferers require hospitalization for their condition. 


America's weight struggle is tied to many of our health problems. Experts increasingly point to sugar addiction as the root cause, brought on by the consumption of highly processed foods. Here's how to "break up with sugar."

Valerie Kloosterman

A Christian healthcare worker in Michigan is suing her employer, saying she lost her job for refusing to use preferred pronouns and refer for gender reassignment procedures.