If the Coupon is that Amazing--It's Fake


If you're like me (and you shop online too much) your email inbox is likely filling up with deep discounts from your favorite stores for Mother's Day. 

Unfortunately, not all of the discounts you may see are the real deal.

One in particular is being called out as a scam. A fake Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon is spreading on social media, promising $75 off on an in-store purchas in the honor of Mother's Day.

Fact-checking website Snopes notes that the "coupon" displays a domain name that's not part of the company's legitimate website; users are then asked to follow simple instructions, like filling out a survey, which doesn't yield a coupon.

Bed, Bath & Beyond issued a warning to shoppers on their Facebook page:

Another retailer warning of fake coupons, Lowe's Home Improvement. Any coupons offering $75 to $100 off are a scam according to the company.

The Better Business Bureau says these fake coupons are what's called phishing. That's when criminals try to steal your personal information by sending you phony emails or texts that appear to come from legitamate companies or organizations. 

According to Snopes, these specific Mother's Day scams often result in a subscription for "difficult-to-cancel 'Reward Offers,' or simply the disclosure of personal details to social media grifters.

Millennials, reportedly, make up a majority of phishing victims because of their willingness to share information. 

Here are a few tips to avoid being scammed by a bogus coupon:

  • If it seems too good to be true, go to the store or check the website to confirm its authenticity.
  • Always question authenticity before sharing any personal information like address or phone number and ESPECIALLY social security number or credit card information.
  • Use anti-virus and firewall software on your computer.

Authorities are also asking that any scams discovered be reported immediately. Facebook recently released a statement that they are working to crack down on and delete any fake coupons being spread on social media.



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