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Lance Wallnau, author of “God’s Chaos Candidate” will share why Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to political correctness.

American Chopper’s Paul Teutul Jr. explains how faith in God has kept him steady in the rocky relationship with his father.

A woman loses 5 children to miscarriage, see how writing letters helped her heal.

Diane Lake shares her story of living with the Charles Manson family and eventually testifying against him.

Christian author, speaker, songwriter, and professional vocalist Tim Kaufman shares a personal story of battling depression and finding hope again.

Dr. Michael Roizen, co-author of the new book” Age-Proof” will discuss the link between health and wealth; how someone can add years to their life...

Studio 5 host, Efrem Graham shares this week's top five trending stories from the world of entertainment.

After 30 years of drug addiction, a woman loses custody of her children and faces ten years in prison.

Chad Veach shares how faith helps us move past disappointments, delays, and destructive thinking to live our God-given dreams.

Wendy Roache thought she was married to Mr. Wonderful, but he turned out to be her worst nightmare! See how her life went from shattered to “Unbroken...

A woman with an abusive father searches for love through drug and alcohol abuse. She discovers the greatest love she’d ever known.

A grieving woman falls into a cycle of addiction, prostitution, and prison, until a divine encounter in solitary confinement turns her life around.

A meth cook faces twenty-five years in prison, see how a miracle set him free.

Author Tom Doyle will discuss how Middle Eastern Christians fear God more than they fear terrorists like ISIS.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and former member of Journey, Jonathan Cain shares about his faith and the blessing of Christmas.

In the age of e-mails and social media, speaker and author Emerson Eggerichs shares how to prevent headache and heartache while thinking wisely, “...