Joseph Gu Yuese, pastor of China's largest Protestant church

A Chinese pastor has been released from prison after being detained for two months for publicly protesting the government's removal of church crosses.

Hezbollah, terrorist, terrorism, Islam, Muslim, radicalism

A newly released analysis by Stratfor says Hezbollah plans "to expand and solidify" its future presence in Syria as it continues preparing for a future confrontation with Israel.

Barack Obama

President Obama is making a stronger push for Merrick Garland, his nominee for the Supreme Court seat vacated by the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. But Republicans are standing firm in their decision not to hold a hearing or vote on Garland...

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad Friday to strategize ways to fight ISIS.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Democrats have been saying for months that their campaign has been civil compared to the bitter fighting among Republicans. But now the gloves are also coming off between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

ultrasound image

The ACLU of Indiana is formally challenging the state's new abortion law on behalf of Planned Parenthood and the state of Kentucky.

Los Angeles County Seal

A federal judge has ruled that Los Angeles County violated the Constitution by voting to put a cross back on its seal. 

freedom of religion, religious freedom, Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, Dr. Ryan Anderson,

A growing number of politicians, corporations and celebrities are blasting Mississippi and North Carolina for what they call discrimination laws. But a leading religious liberty expert says he's still hopeful about freedom.  

State Trooper

A senior Indiana state trooper has been fired for evangelizing to citizens on the job.

Test taking

The Department of Homeland Security is changing some wording on its naturalization test about religion at the request of Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., becauseit suggested "freedom of religion" was not a public right.