Kym Whitley's Prayer for Adopted Kids This Thanksgiving


Twenty children in Washington, D.C. have good reason to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. They were adopted just in time to celebrate the holiday with their new families.

The 30th Annual DC Adoption Day ceremony celebrated the joys of adopting or fostering a child. The event featured comedienne, actress and adoptive mom Kym Whitley.     
Mommyhood Matters caught up with Whitley at the event and and asked her about the difficulties of the adoption process.

"I'm praying that the system gets easier for these children to get adopted," said Whitley. "A lot of times we run up against red tape and sometimes the children don't get adopted, so my prayer is that the system gets easier and that these children  find permanent homes."

CBN News featured Whitley in an interview. Learn more about her life, career by clicking here.


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