The News behind the News: Cuba, Cheese & Ebola


Some weeks, I confess, feel rather slow in the newsroom.  But this week was chock full of news happenings and next week, with the Pope’s visit, promises to be busy as well. Here’s a few thoughts on the news behind the news of the week—and what to look for next week.

The GOP Debate:  I was surprised on Thursday morning to have numerous colleagues throughout the building, both male and female, tell me how much they liked what Carly Fiorina had to say Wednesday night.  Her knowledge of the issues and forceful delivery won their respect.  Where she goes next with her campaign will be of interest to many.

Pope Francis:  My story this week highlighted the hopes surrounding his visit to Cuba this weekend.  Will he call for change and what kind of change?  And—will what he says resonate with the Cuban people?  The Associated Press is now reporting that he will NOT meet with dissidents, but many believe he will speak in public and private to the need for greater freedom in Cuba. 

Nuns who make cheese:  If you haven’t seen it—please watch this joyful story that inspires and encourages.  These dear sisters in Christ  serve the Lord as passionately as anyone I’ve ever met and they do so in the most humble manner you can imagine.

Ebola survivor Dr. Rick Sacra:  One year ago this missionary doctor made national headline for his courageous fight against the deadly disease.  On Thursday, he stopped by the newsroom while visiting Virginia Beach.  He continues to travel to Liberia regularly for month-long stints with SIM, the Charlotte-based mission organization.  His courage and enthusiasm for improving healthcare in West Africa are, dare we say—contagious.

Next week:  the Pope heads to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York.  Tens of thousands are expected at many of his events.  I recommend you stay at home and watch the coverage on

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