Trafficking Shelters—an Uphill Battle


These are not easy days for those who want to minister to and help restore survivors of human trafficking.  The anti-trafficking movement is in its infancy and with that comes a host of problems.  Awareness is one.  The public is only beginning to learn what human trafficking is and that it may be present in their neighborhood.

Research is limited and that creates a vicious cycle.  We don’t know exactly how many children, teens and adults are trafficked in the U.S.  That makes it difficult to win research dollars to get better information on the scope of the problem.  We also don’t know the best way to help trafficking survivors.  The lack of protocols have put a huge burden on shelters and limits their ability to provide services that really make a difference.

For believers who want to get involved—please watch my story on trafficking shelters and click on the links at the end.  These are reputable organizations that are doing excellent work to fight what many consider to be modern-day slavery.

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