Deven Wallace Shares How Every Child Needs a Warrior Mom


There is no doubt that our children are under spiritual assault.

Everything from bullying, gender confusion, drugs and alcohol to youth suicide are coming against our kids.

But praying Moms can make a difference and they are needed now more than ever. 

There's a warrior like mentality that many mothers take on when someone messes with their children. 

Author and speaker Deven Wallace shared with CBN News that Moms are uniquely equipped with the spiritual weapons to help shape the next generation.

"We can train an army that will shape the culture without the culture shaping it," said Wallace.

"Moms, you weren't created to blend into your society, and your children have been purposed to be an alarm for their generation.  You, Mom, are a mighty warrior and a skilled archer, and your children are your most powerful weapons; they are your arrows. The Bible says that the kingdom of God suffers violence, and it's the violent who take it by force. And in this hour the enemy is not playing nice. He has crafted tools to destroy your seed. It's time for you to wake up, rise up, and take back your home and your inheritance."

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