Watch this week's Prayer Link for two great stories of God working in the world and the power of prayer


Two Pastors are doing their part to tell a different story about racism in America. Their story is part of this week's Prayer Link where we pray for the headlines and for you.

Pastors Alan Cross and Terrance Jones of Montgomery, Alabama are creating a new standard for other believers and the nation to follow from the heart of the Modern Civil Rights Movement when it comes to dealing with racism. Watch a segment of our interview with them.

Plus, how would a tour of hell change your ife. It happened to Bill Wiese. He wrote his book, 23 Minutes in Hell, 10 years ago. It's a harrowing account of his "out of body experience" in which he traveled to hell. 

Since publishing his book, Wiese and his wife quit their jobs to travel and do ministry full time.

He has some exciting news about the impact his book has had, and how it has been used to advance the gospel. 

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