CBN News Daily Rundown September 27, 2019

CBN News Daily Rundown September 27, 2019

Syrian refugee children who fled violence in Syrian city of Ain al-Arab, known also as Kobani, seen outside their tents in a camp in the border town of Suruc, Turkey, in 2015. (AP Photo)
CBN News Daily Rundown September 27, 2019

Since the US refugee program began some 40 years ago the number of refugees the nation says it's willing to take has fallen lower and lower. This week the Trump administration announced it's cutting refugee admissions to their lowest ever.

"The Trump administration repeatedly talks about religious freedom and the president this week in his speech to the United Nations called on countries to end religious persecution and yet at the same time his administration is making a decision that we will let fewer people into our country who are fleeing religious persecution," says CBN News Correspondent Heather Sells.

Breaking down what this means today on the CBN News Daily Rundown.

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