The War on Cops

Seattle police block a street with their bikes in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone, July 1, 2020. Police in Seattle have torn down demonstrators' tents in the city's occupied protest zone after the mayor ordered it cleared. (AP Photo/Aron Ranen)
The War on Cops

You might not hear it from media outlets but in Portland, Oregon but more than 270 federal officers have been injured protecting buildings since May and in Seattle, one day of recent rioting led to 59 officers getting wounded by rocks, bottles, and improvised explosives.  

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced she is stepping down from her position. She made her decision public on the same day the city council approved cutting the police department by $4 million and 100 officers. 

“There’s no question that the Seattle Police Department is being hobbled in all of this, but now [they’re] being defunded and in fact vilified by the very people that they serve.”

CBN News contributor Chuck Holton spent several days in Seattle’s CHOP zone and he breaks down the latest events taking place in the city.

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