'Woke Adoption'

Trans-racial adoption
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'Woke Adoption'

A major Evangelical adoption agency is being deemed ‘Woke’ after calling for the proper education of adoptive transracial parents. Bethany Christian services says a federal law that prohibits race from being a factor in adoption prevents proper education of prospective parents, and that education is an important factor in ensuring positive child placement. CBN News National Security Correspondent Caitlin Burke is on The Daily Rundown today to discuss the various sides of the debate.

Another top story this week is Biden’s agenda, or rather what’s not on his agenda: uniting both sides of the aisle. With the infrastructure bill hanging in the balance of the Senate and the ‘For the People Act’ receiving pushback from both Republicans and Democrats, there is speculation about a possible government shutdown. CBN News Senior Reporter Dale Hurd talks some of the President’s biggest legislation and hurdles on today’s episode.

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