'Every Town is a Border Town'

'Every Town is a Border Town'

May was the busiest month along the US-Mexico border since President Biden took office. Every day 6,000 illegal immigrants are flooding the border, and entire communities in Texas are being over-run by the surge. Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson was invited to visit the border as part of a congressional delegation. One representative told her that the crisis at the border is no longer just a Texas problem, immigrants are being transported throughout the US. She shares her experience on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 

Another big story this week, Virginia Democrats cast their votes in the gubernatorial primary, choosing former Governor Terry McAuliffe to represent them in the November election. He'll face off against Republican nominee Glen Youngkin. and on today's episode, senior Washington correspondent Jennifer Wishon says there's more than one reason to keep an eye on this race. 

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